Create Your Own Affirmation Audio

Create Your Own Affirmation Audio
in Under 57 Minutes…

Then Listen to It Easily to
Automatically Shape Your Thoughts so
You Can Create a Life You Love

Imagine knowing that you could create anything you desire with your mind …
Imagine creating everything you desire easily and simply and naturally
Imagine understanding that you already have everything you need to make your desires materialize right now …

… Imagine you …

Wildest Dreams Sign• attracting the lover of your dreams or
• rekindling the love in your current relationship
• making money doing work you love
• becoming rich beyond your wildest dreams
• relaxing into your ideal body shape, size and vitality
• living the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed about
• feeling completely loved and at peace
• living a spiritually fulfilling life

Happy woman listening to her affirmations


Your life can become a series of delicious moments, if you choose it. Tune up your life to JOY by creating and listening to your own powerful self-affirming thoughts.


The only thing that keeps you from having what you want is believing that you can’t have it. But since a belief is only a thought you keep thinking, you can change your thoughts and have everything you want.

What you believe becomes your reality. The world you live in is a reflection of your dominant thoughts and feelings.

If you want the best life has to offer you need to practice thoughts that are in harmony with what you want. And you need to practice holding on to these harmonious thoughts long enough that what you want will come to be.

Introducing the Joy Tune Up Training Program…

Discover how you can create a custom-made affirmation recording in 4 easy steps.

In 4 short videos, I will show you exactly how to:

1. Create your own personal positive affirmations.
2. Find uplifting free music to use as a background for your affirmations.
3. Obtain free recording software.
4. Create your own personal affirmation recording, with words and music, which you can transfer to your iPod, mp3 player or CD.

Then relax and listen with an open mind to your personal, custom-made affirmations to automatically and effortlessly re-program your mind for success.

This Looks Like Exactly What I Need »

Do you like what you are attracting in your life? If not, you have the power within yourself to change it. One of the most powerful ways I know to shift your beliefs is to record your favorite positive affirmations and listen to them daily.

Grab Joy Tune Up now and create affirmation recordings that will help direct your mind and emotions towards what you want.


Your affirmation recording can help you to:

• eliminate self-doubts and believe in yourself
• love yourself and others unconditionally
• raise your self confidence
• feel more peaceful, loving and happier in every area of your life
• receive more opportunities for advancing in life
• experience more energy and stamina
• attract an avalanche of brilliant new ideas
• improve your clarity, intuition and focus
• boost your enthusiasm
tune up your life to JOY!

Introductory Price – only $US 17

Custom design your life your way. Create a powerful affirmation tool in under one hour that tunes up your life easily and automatically.

But that’s not all you get for your $US 17.

You will also discover:

• why positive thinking alone is not enough
• how to use intention to stay positively focused
• when not to use positive affirmations
• how to tell if your positive affirmations are working
• how to add magnetizing power to your thoughts
• the fastest way to improved finances, relationships, and health
• the best way to handle stubborn limiting beliefs
• an easy 3-minute-a-day exercise that will skyrocket your success

It’s so easy – with my videos

I’ll show you step by step what to do, as if I’m sitting right beside you. You can pause or rewind the videos any time. You can have your first recording in less than 15 minutes. Start with 12 affirmations and see just how easy it is. You can always fine tune your recording or add more affirmations later. Heck, I’ll even give you 50 different affirmations to get you started and a link to free music you can download from the internet.

Sweet! So you know what to do.


100% Money Back Guarantee

My Personal 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try Joy Tune Up. Make your own recording and listen daily for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.

This is absolutely the easiest way for you
to re-program your thoughts for success!

If you are ready to take charge of your life, you’ve come to the right place. Click on the Add to Cart button below to access Joy Tune Up and receive everything you need to start programming your thoughts for success and happiness. Then just push play and listen. If you struggle with self-doubt, fears and worries, tune up your thoughts to joy and discover your power to change your life. There are no limits except the ones you accept as true for you.

I’m ready to take charge of my life »

My Story

When I was six years old, I developed some warts on my hand. My father claimed that he had the perfect cure for warts. He gave me a piece of chalk and told me to keep rubbing the chalk on my warts until they went away.

I did as I was told and to my delight, after a few days, the warts were completely gone. I was so happy I told everyone about my father’s miraculous cure.

When my dad heard that I was spreading the word about the miracle healing powers of chalk, he took me aside and said, “It’s not true what I told you about the chalk. I just made up that story about chalk making warts disappear. It wasn’t the chalk that made your warts go away, it was your belief in the chalk.”

The Real Secret is the Power of Belief

That early lesson about the power of belief changed my life. I spent my early years practicing focusing my belief. When I really, really wanted something I’d focus on it with conviction and the thing I wanted would inevitably materialize, as if by magic.

But I was also lazy. I discovered that it was hard work to stay focused on positive thoughts long and hard enough to make my desires materialize. It was often easier to worry and fret about what I didn’t have and didn’t want than concentrate on what I did have and did want. I found myself thinking and believing: I’m not good enough, I don’t do enough, I can’t afford it, I never get what I want, life is a struggle …and those negative thoughts never seemed far away.

Finally, I got tired of not getting what I wanted. I thought about how I’d once healed myself of warts and brought things I wanted into being. I thought about stories I’d been reading about people finding life partners, creating work they loved, attracting financial abundance and even getting rid of cancer by using positive affirmations and I decided that if others could use positive affirmations to create lives they loved then so could I.

So I started listening to recordings of positive affirmations made by other people, but the words, speaking style or tone of voice others used didn’t always click for me, sometimes their words just grated on me like fingernails on a blackboard so I’d quit listening. And the occasional positive affirmations I said to myself did not make a noticeable impact. Soon I realized that I had to find a way to focus more intentionally on what I wanted.

The Fantastic Secret That Turned My Life Around
“change your thoughts, change your life”

I got the idea to create my own recording in my own voice of my specific desires, the thoughts I wanted to accentuate in everyday language that felt right to me.

I set about creating a list of my favorite affirmations and created my first recording by speaking into a cassette tape recorder as instrumental music played in the background. I listened to my custom-made positive affirmation tape daily, usually just lying in bed. I listened to my recording so often I practically had it memorized. Any time I needed to recharge my energy I’d just pop the tape in the tape recorder and lay down or take a walk, depending on my mood.



Soon the words started to have an effect on me. My subconscious mind seemed to recognize my speaking voice and to resonate with what I was telling it. I started to feel better about myself and my life. And as my affirmations became part of my subconscious mind’s beliefs, I began to manifest my desires: I got a high paying job doing what I loved. I moved into a luxury apartment in Vancouver Canada, one of the best places in the world to live. I won international speaking competitions; took international vacations, and attracted the man of my dreams. I even co-created building a complete neighborhood of 34 homes with that man of my dreams! Everything that I dreamed of and more came true, with the help of my custom-made affirmation tapes.

I discovered that I could create my life on purpose, the same way that a sculptor molds the clay, by integrating affirmations spoken in my own voice into my subconscious mind. I still use this technique when I want to deliberately create something that I want.

With up-to-date technology, and the information I will share with you, I can help you do it too. It’s easy!

Would you like to create your dreams consciously and deliberately?

Now you can! With Joy Tune Up , it’s super easy! Don’t wait!

Create Your Own Affirmation Audio
in Under 57 Minutes…

Just click on the box below to order now

In Joy,
Miriam Evers

P.S. My challenge to you – get the Joy Tune Up and if within 57 minutes of using it you aren’t thrilled with the deal you got today … contact me and I’ll return every penny of your purchase. Or keep it and use it for 30 days and still be protected by my no questions asked refund policy.